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***Important Information***

  • Parts must be totally disassembled to avoid “Shop Charges”  

  • Packing is important! Your part will be damaged if allowed to rub against each other. Insure your shipment

  • No guarantee on “coating” over chrome plating. Some parts need to be stripped of chrome at additional charges

  • “Hi-Lite” is where edges of a part are left plain (such as cylinders, heads, etc.) Cost is $40.00 each piece

  • Polished Hi-Lite is same as above, with polishing of the exposed edges or raised surfaces. Cost is $83.00 each piece.

  • “Color Hi-Lite” gives edges another color for a dramatic effect. “Two-tone” cost is 50% extra each part plus $40.00 for Hi-Lite.

  • “Fin-removal” (up to 3) from lower end of cylinder, with trim bands installed-cost is $400.00 per pair.

  • Light colors and/or clear are not recommended for heads!

  • If parts are damaged in shipment, file claim with your shipper United Parcel Service, etc.

  • All work C.O.D.

  • Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Clear powder coating can be added to colors or on bare or polished aluminum for depth and shine that looks slick and wet. Over colors, add 50% to powder coated price. Clear over polished aluminum or chrome, same price as candies and metallics.

  • Candies, pearls, glitters and custom mixed colors available at additional charge. ($200.00 per color minimum)

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email any questions to info@powder-house.com or call 717-867-1322

















 If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@powder-house.com