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Welcome to the Powder House of Daytona!

521 North Route 934 Annville, PA 17003     info@powder-house.com     1-717-867-1322

Open Monday-Friday 9am-3pm * Please Contact Us If Additional Hours Are Needed

Custom Powder Coating Specialists

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PHD POWDER COATING provides beautiful finishes that are highly resistant to cracks, chips, peeling or color fade! Powder coating resists corrosion better than any other finish available. Plus, the choice of colors is almost endless.

Our company has many years of experience in the industry and is located in the Pennsylvania area since January 2000. We're experienced in new work as well as redo's of existing. We powder coat orders from one piece to hundreds of pieces. We offer large order discounts and low set up fees. We have a variety of colors in stock and samples to show all different options depending on your needs. Browse through the site to see a variety of work we have completed through the years.

After cleaning and prepping parts, dry resinous powder is electrically bonded to them, then cured at high temperature to provide a finish that's tough and good looking!


A true customizers dream come true.

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  Powder Coat And Protect

What Do You Have That We Can Protect For You ?

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Any Questions Feel Free To Contact Us At 1-717-867-1322

email questions to info@powder-house.com

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